If Your Interested In Joining Our Competition Team Or Performance Group Please Email Us At Season 16 Regional Competition Awards Groove: IDA NOMINATIONS: lyrical/modern/contemp: PIECE BY PIECE acro/ballet/open: LEAVE A LIGHT ON jazz: SWEET LOVIN people’s choice: BRUISES Studio Awards: Overall technique award: SOSDA (highest tech score Bruises) Groove Award Winner: SOSDA (with a score of 1456.8/1500, one of the highest the competition has seen yet this season) 18 first in category groups 11 first in category solo/duo/trios Scholarship winners: Laci Boshart, Brooke Fitzsimmons, Jillian Meakem, Sammi Milano Photogenic: Brooke Fitzsimmons, Julia Parisi Novice: 1st overall mini duo/trio (Mr Postman) 1st overall jr. duo/trio (all around the world) 1st overall jr small group (Beggin) Intermediate: 9th overall jr solo (Kirsten) 8th overall jr solo (Laci) 5th overall sr solo (Sammi) 3rd overall teen duo/trio (A Flat) 1st overall jr small group (Wings) 1st overall jr large group (DDR) Competitive: 2nd overall petite solo (Carlee) 6th overall teen solo (Brooke/Alright) 4th overall teen solo (Brooke/Say Something) 5th overall sr solo (Jill/Cold) 3rd overall sr solo (Jill/We don’t have to) 3rd overall teen duo/trio (Try) 1st overall sr duo/trio (Till My Heart Stops) 3rd overall teen small (Sweet Lovin) 2nd overall teen small (Aslyum) 1st overall teen small (Piece by piece) 5th overall sr small (it’s my life) 4th overall sr small (Renegades) 3rd overall sr small (Hallelujah) 2nd overall sr small (Leave a light on) 1st overall sr small (Bruises) 1st overall sr large (Past the dock) 1st overall production (Survival) Royal: Best Studio Director Award Highest scoring 13 and over soloist (Jillian Meakem) Highest scoring soloist 12 and under (Carlee Flanagan) Highest scoring 12 and under duo/trio (Cayla & Carlee) Top scoring lyrical/contemporary (Bruises) Best Prop dad award Photogenic winner (Jillian) Senior Queen titlist Jillian Meakem Teen Queen titlist Brooke Fitzsimmons Petite Queen titlist Carlee Flanagan 1st place intermediate senior small group (Sleep like a baby) 1st place novice small group (Castle) 1st place intermediate Teen duo/trio (God plan) 1st place Teen small Group competitive (Piece by Piece) Turn It Up: Chorography award: Past the dock Ida nomination: Past the dock Platinum Pro Past the Dock 1st place Tiny Novice duo/trio (Mr Postman) 4th Place Mini Novice solo (Madison Meakem) 1st Place Mini competitive solo (Carlee Flanagan) 4th place Novice small group (Castle) 3rd place Intermediate small group (Wings) 2nd place Intermediate Duo/Trio (All around the world) 3rd place Competitive Duo/Trio (Old Friends) 4th & 6th place Intermediate Junior Soloist (Gianna Kasper & Laci Boshart) 3rd & 8th place Intermediate Teen Soloist (Adam Murphy & Kirstin Petrow) Tied for 2nd Intermediate Senior Soloist (Olivia Bloom & Alexis Balsamo) 4th place Intermediate Senior Soloist (Sammi Milano) 8th place Competitive Senior Soloist (Jillian Meakem) 3rd place overall Production 3rd place Competitive Teen Duo/Trio (Asylum) 4th place Competitive Teen Large Group (Sweet Lovin) 1st place Intermediate Senior Small Group (Sleeping Like A Baby) 2nd place Competitive Senior Small Group (Bruises) 3rd place Competitive Senior Duo/Trio (Till my heart stops) Special Judges Awards: A Flat, Beggin’, Asylum, Piece by piece, Mr. Postman Nyla: Choreography award: Leave a light on Costume award: Sweet lovin Prop award: Survival Photogenetic winner: Emily Russo Special judges award: Leave a light on Special judges award: Mr Postman Costume award: Mr Postman Junior Title Winner Carlee Flanagan Senior Title Winner Jillian Meakem 1st over highest scoring Duo/Trio Tiny dancer (Mr. Postman) 1st, 2nd,3rd 4th overall senior small groups (Leave a light on, Bruises, Piece by Piece, Sweet lovin) 1st overall highest scoring soloist Junior (Carlee Flanagan) 2nd overall production 4th place novice soloist (Madison Meakem) 1st and 2nd overall highest scoring senior soloist (Jillian Meakem and Brooke Fitzsimmons) 3rd place Teen soloist (Adam Murphy) 1st place highest scoring duo/trio (old friends) 5th and 4th place junior small group (Castle & Wings)
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